Welcome to Sense Appeal


Sense Appeal was created by Dr. Antoinette Izzo, D.H.S., M.A., MNLP, MHt, an expert in the fields of human sexuality and personal growth and development. Sense Appeal strives to incorporate awareness of intimacy and sexuality into the standard realms of personal growth and life-betterment. We provide resources, training, education, and private consultations for individuals, couples, muti-partnered relationships, and groups wanting to explore their sexuality, expand their sexual wellness, and deepen their intimacy and authenticity. The resources you'll find here have assisted people from all walks of life in living more authentic and rewarding lives.


The Sense Appeal approach is sex-positive, kink-positive, and holistically-oriented, and while the Sense Appeal philosophy is not about being "new age," it does encourage thinking "outside the box." As W.L. Bateman said, "If you keep on doing what you've always done, you'll keep on getting what you've always got." Because this is especially true when talking about sexuality and intimacy, we strive to help people break those unhelpful patterns and to explore new ways of thinking and interacting.

Because they stimulate our creative faculties and enhance our creative and connective capabilities, experiences are quickly replacing goods and services in our modern society. Accordingly, Sense Appeal values meaningful experiences about sexuality and intimacy and seeks to enhance sexual creativity and connective capabilities. We also believe that knowledge can be generated in many ways other than in just words and numbers. As a result, Sense Appeal values the sharing of knowledge and experience through a variety of traditional and nontraditional avenues.


How Sense Appeal can be of value to you:


General Wellness


• Confidence, motivation and empowerment
• Letting go of trauma and disempowering emotions
• Investigating identity
• Healthy living
• Forming authentic connections
• Improving communication skills
• Developing practical skills for solving sensitive issues
• Building resilience and an ability to emerge stronger from difficulties
• Gaining a greater sense of empowerment
• Shifting your energy from anxiety to courage




• Exploring or managing nontraditional/alternative lifestyles (e.g. poly, power exchange/BDSM)
• Addressing concerns about sexual desire
• Addressing concerns about sexual performance
• Addressing mismatched libido
• Identifying and discussing sexual boundaries
• Learning about and managing Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
• Overcoming sexual shame or guilt
• Exploring premarital sexual compatibility
• Exploring and embracing gender identity
• Addressing PTSD as it relates to sexuality
• Maintaining physical sexual health
• Deepening intimacy
• Exploring and embracing sexual orientation
• Investigating sexual compatibility
• Making and maintaining intimate connections
• Addressing body image issues



The experience of self-discovery and self-mastery is unique to every person. There is no right way or wrong way. I encourage you to explore the website and discover the various resources, products, information, and services Sense Appeal provides, and to ask all the questions you need!




You can learn more about Dr. Izzo here, or in her blog here